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Blog website is all about to display the latest & updated information from company or any individuals. It's a collection of contents where people get informed about specific types of information like news, technology, business etc, as well as there is comment section where people give feedback related to the topics which interest them.

It's a way by which any one express their thoughts all over the world through blog & news. It also provide the way by which you can earn money. Grab the attentions of the visitors to follow you, to share your thoughts to world using Social Networking sites.


  • So, What’s Included in
    BLOG Website ?


    • Home Page (Logo, Menu, Phone and a big moving slider with large image)
    • About Us (Information about you and your service)
    • Create posts: Since the purpose of a blog is to be able to post new text or information to the site frequently, creating posts is usually quick and easy.
    • Article Section (Where User can upload and published his/her articles)
    • Sign up/login (User can sign up and login to the website)
    • User can read blog posted by any to the website.
    • User can add/edit his own blog to the website.
    • Update blog category wise Newsletter for provide blog to subscriber.
    • Contact Us (Information like your emails, address, phones with a form to contact you which will be delivered to desired email)


    • Professional website with customized design layout made to suit your needs.
    • Ability to customize Title, keyword and description for each post.
    • User can add/edit his own blog to the website..
    • Update blog category wise Newsletter for provide blog to subscriber.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What is blog?
    A blog is the part of any website or individuals where newly updated contents posted day by day. It’s in order to make designing, writing, and publishing your content as simple and professional as possible.
    2. How many user sections involved in blog?
    It has following user sections such as
    • Administrator
    • Editor
    • User
    • Contributor
    • Follower
    3. How blogs can be used for different purposes?
    It can be used like as
    • Personal diaries
    • News Feeds
    • Hourly, daily, weekly updates of websites
    • New information on a topic
    • Product updates: reviews, new versions, new products
    • This day in history
    • Birthdays and other special events
    • Almost anything you can think of
    4. What is the role of Administrator in blog?
    Administrator can create new blogs, remove blogs and edit blogs. Administrator can have complete control over posts, pages, add files, comments, settings, themes, imports and other users.
    5. What is done by Editor in blog?
    The role of editor in the blog to create new content, edit the existing one, modify, delete & publish the content on any pages or post. He can also review or moderate the comments as well as manage categories, tags & links of the website.
    6. How user section works?
    A  user can create, edit, publish and delete only his/her own posts, as well as upload images check products and buy products. Users can edit comments made on their posts only.
    7. What is the limitation of contributor into blog?
    A Contributor can create and edit only his/her own posts, but cannot publish them. When one of his/her posts is ready to be published or has been revised, the Administrator needs to be notified personally by the Contributor to review it.
    Furthermore, once a Contributor’s post is approved and published by an Administrator, it can no longer be edited by the Contributor.
    8. Can any follower edit my posts?
    NO, Followers do not have any editing privileges on your site. They can only receive the updates all the time whenever you publish new post, if they signed up for newsletter.
    9. I need my personal blog?
    Yes, we will make your personal blog where you can view the displayed postings by one or more individuals in chronological order and usually has links to comments on specific postings.
    10. What platform do you use?
    We use a WordPress platform. We have the expert team on. More than 60 million people are using WordPress to run their website over the internet.
    11. Why do you recommend WordPress?
    WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform. When you install WordPress on your host, you are installing a very powerful engine that allows you to do nearly anything you want with your website. Where you can find free themes/templates, plugins which can change the website looks, feel & functionality of your blog.
    12. What is ‘how-to, tips and reviews’ blogs?
    Blogs who share tips & receives of any type of category like games, books, movies & many more.
    13. Do you write the content for my blog?
    If you provide the content then we will add it and if not, we can do because we work with talented and experienced copywriters to help you get your message across simply and directly.
    It will be charged extra like $10/400 words.
    14. Can you convert my BlogSpot site to wordpress site?
    Yes, we do.
    15. Is there a size limit on my blog or the files I upload to it?
    Yes, it depends on your need.
    17. If I need a blog for politicians, How It will work on?
    The members of parliament, political parties, government agencies, and activists can use your blogs to connect with their constituencies.
    18. I want my blog done with higher rank while searching on Google. How can you manage?
    We have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services; you need to build your website with this service.
    19. Can you make my blog responsive?
    Yes, it will be full responsive that means, if you run your blog so it will be accessed into all possible devices on the earth like mobile, tablet, iPhone, laptop/desktop etc. It will be customized with every kind of screen size.
    20. I have my personal blog which is about business, tech and media. What is possible solution of a website?
    Sure, it can be managed easily because the wordpress site contains blog within.
    21. What is a Content Management System (CMS)?
    A content management system (CMS) enables you to maintain the content on your website without any additional software our technical skill. While using the CMS, you are able to add new pages, upload images & full command of your website.
    22. What is web hosting?
    Web hosting is a service that stores and delivers the files for your blog from a web server, whenever people visit your website or domain, web hosting company delivers the data from their server. Every single website needs to have a web hosting in order to function, and a high-quality web host is very important if you want your blog to function correctly.
    23. I already have my domain and want to use same name, Is this possible?
    Yes, you can use your web address, also known as domain name or URL. You may already have your website address (domain) or are looking for the right advice before you buy one. Another way we will help you to suggest the path, from buying the right domain, creating domain emails, before going to start.
    24. I have my logo but it’s needed to have some modification, Can you do?
    Sure, as per our promotional plan, we provide free logo with 3 unique designs for your entity and unlimited color combination changes but if you have and want to modify then we can definitely do. Logo questionnaire link:
    25. How long does it take to design and build my blog?
    Website completion depends on the size, complexity of your website & quality content that you will provide to go. Generally, we deliver the projects within 7 to 10 days.
    26. Do you provide support, once we go live?
    Yes, we do. We have a dedicated team of engineers who provide support using tickets/chat/emails. 15 days support is free, however, we provide yearly support as well. Again, pricing for the same starts from $119/Year and it can vary depending on your site.
    27. Why should I choose your company to get my blog done?
    • Pricing is fixed (no hidden price). Once, the scope of work is finalized, we do not change the price because we work on a fixed price, not hourly charges.
    • Phone /chat/Skype (there is no communication gap, our team will 24 online for your help). Also, we use a ticket system(WHMCS) to avoid too many emails and attachments. You get daily updates on your web project on our demo server and using WHMCS, you can also provide day to day feedback to our developers and project managers. We provide 800 WordPress premium designs which other companies do not provide. They ask you to pay for the themes. This is because we have paid the theme prices already.
    • We are using WordPress (27% of the websites in the world use WordPress) & we have the biggest team expertise in WordPress platform -28 Professionals. Any type of integration and customization is possible with WordPress and with us.
    • Pretty big portfolio: We have about 300 websites in our showcase and client references.
    • We provide 800 WordPress premium designs which other companies do not provide. They ask you to pay for the themes. This is because we have paid the theme prices already.
    • WordPress Audio and Video Guided Training - We provide you free training on WP to add/update/delete - pages and posts on your website. You need not come to a developer again and again. You need not pay the fees to the developers for adding to the new pages.
    • WordPress Support: We provide WordPress support from Migration to virus removal. Plugin updates, re-design, database tuning, etc.
    • Logo and Hosting - We provide free logo and free hosting on WP. This is a unique feature that no other company is providing at the moment.

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